RP Tips

Don’t front load the @ mention. When you do this, people who follow you but don’t follow the character you are mentioning won’t see the tweet. If you need to use the mention, make it a part of the action, i.e. *she looks at @CoE_Mod, beaming.* or as their name, i.e. ”Hello, @CoE_Mod!“, or put it at the end of the tweet, usually in parentheses, i.e. "yes.. Hello.. (@CoE_Mod)", Also, replying in a new tweet will make it kinda better, too. when You talk too much for twitter, use the 'continue in other tweet' - (C). For example, "Yes, Princess @CoE_Celestia! Everything's ready for the Meeting! We just need you to (C)" , and here, she will continue in other tweet: "(C'd) sign here! *she said with a beam.*" . So, (C) means: (Continue in Other Tweet), and (C'd) means: (Continue in other Tweet'd). for the ones who use 'I' except 'she/he', it's wrong. For EX/ *i take a seat and place my book on my desk.* Nope! That's so wrong! It's actually: *she takes a seat and places her papers on the desk.* <- this is the right one folks!

Grammar and Punctuation

when you're starting a sentence, use capital letter. For EX: "Coming!" when you're saying someone's name, or city for example, use capital letters. Like "Rarity", "Canterlot", etc. Use ! When shouting, for example: "Ugh! Fine!", dots at the end of the sentence, for example: "alright, Thank you." ? When questioning. For example: "and what's that for?" "" use it for.. A name for a book! For example: "can you believe it?! I now have the "Daring Do and the Quest of the Sapphire Stone" Book! I finally finished my Daring Do Books collection!" don't forget to use the ', for example, "You're grounded!" Not "your grounded!" It has a different meaning, y'know, for example: "we'll finish it!" Not "well finish it!" And "well done!" Not "we'll done!"